Sunday, July 3, 2011

A spot of tea and so much more...

Today was our last day in London. It was a sunny, warm and fabulous day! We made the most of our time and spent the day visiting the Tower of London, British Museum and Harrod's. For years, I have been teaching my students about England and "afternoon tea". I have been to tea rooms for years. I LOVE tea rooms but oh how I have dreamed of having "REAL Afternoon Tea in London". So, today... another dream came true. We had tea at Harrod's as our grand finale in London. It was such a treat!! Now I know EXACTLY was "afternoon tea" is all about! I can't wait to recreate it with students! They will LOVE experiencing this English tradition!

We started our day at the Tower of London. We learned all about the history of this amazing place and saw the Crown Jewels. Oh how beautiful they are! I look forward to teaching students all about England's history in more detail. We are already working on formulating ideas, taking notes and planning projects based on our learning!

We visited the British Museum with displays from all over the world.

Harrod's for Sunday afternoon tea... perfect way to end our journey in London! It was beautiful, posh and yummy! I enjoyed every moment! :)



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