Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Germany's Gem... We met Annette Langen today!

Have you ever dreamed the biggest dream thinking it couldn't possibly come true only to experience a reality much greater than all you'd imagine? That was my day in a nutshell!

I had hoped to meet one of my favorite children's authors...just to shake their hand and request their signature in a book. However, today I did not only shake the hand of my VERY favorite author, I hugged her! I not only asked her to sign MY Felix book brought with me from Oklahoma, I received a personal note, postcards and a gift from Annette Langen.

We walked the streets of Cologne together with her, shopped in bookstores and she treated us to a traditional German lunch which lasted nearly 2 1/2 hours. We asked her every question we had ever wanted to know. She was so gracious, forth-coming and open. She is a pillar of decorum and a model of what all authors should be. She writes from her heart, life experiences and shares her gift of writing with her community. Germany has a true treasure in Annette Langen. I feel as though I made a life-long friend today.

We shared with her about our approach to educating children and how the character of Felix has brought joy to our teaching and student experiences for years. An ironic moment happened after Annette left for her train. Kelly and I went into the Pandora shop. We thought we would look for a bead to remind us of Germany. I asked if there was a rabbit to represent Felix. :) They had rabbits so we purchased two.  As we were checking out, we were discussing our trip and the amazing day. The salesperson, probably in her mid-twenties,  knew EXACTLY who Felix was (has her own) and could hardly believe Annette Langen had just met with us. Her impact on children around the world is clear and inspirational!

It was a blessing to have this time with her. I feel like a better person for traveling to meet her and hear about her inspiration for writing. Thank you Annette for taking a day out of your busy schedule to see us, share your heart and devotion to literature with the two of us. Kelly and I will never forget this amazing day!!

Life is a journey... EMBRACE IT!!


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