Saturday, July 2, 2011

Oh the places we have gone...

Today was an absolutely delightful day! I will say going to Windsor was really just an after thought because it was included the Stonehenge/Bath Day Tour. It is funny how "surprises" turn out to be more of a favorite than what was planned. We traveled by coach to Windsor. I antipaticipated that we would be able to see the castle from a distance and maybe visit a gift shop. It was so much more than that!! We actually got to tour inside the castle where Queen Elizabeth spends most of her weekends! We saw a bobbie and palace guards. We were actually inside the courtyard at exactly the right time/day to see changing of the guards! I got it on the flip camera! It will be AWESOME to show students!! We didn't have nearly enough time there but it was my favorite part of today!

Next, Stonehenge and Bath!


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