Sunday, December 1, 2013

Thankful and Blessed!

We enjoyed our Thanksgiving Break so much!!  We did actually work at school this afternoon after church but the rest of break was spent with family or preparing for Christmas (that would be Black Friday all night shopping). In November, we began our World Tour. We spent time in Mexico, Sweden, England and France. (Not REALLY in the countries but learning about each one for several days.) We had a fabulous English Tea... See pics below! In December, we will continue our traveling adventures in Italy, Australia and Germany. The week before break is spent on elf projects and Polar Express! 

As you know, if you have read about us, we are very close friends and much more than just teaching partners. In all honesty, Kelly and I are really more like sisters than friends. Our kids are like cousins and we choose to spend time together as often as possible. Kelly makes me a better person... not just a better teacher. 😊 Okay, okay... I will stop with the sap. We spent our third Thanksgiving in a row together this year with our families. It is pretty awesome to teach with your best friend but it is even greater to share holidays together. We are thankful and blessed!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Read to Self... In progress!

We began our quest toward Read to Self this week. Every teacher seems to have a different starting point in the introduction of literacy centers. In Our Smart Community, we start with word work (2 weeks of 5 rotations), then writing and theme, then we work on Read to Self. We introduced last week, watched a video of a first grade class in action and worked on our T chart with expectations. To say our classes were excited hardly describes it. They couldn't wait. So far... We have built 5 minutes of stamina and we will add more tomorrow! They did an awesome job! 

We have been modeling how to track print since day one. It is so exciting to see our little ones practicing! 

5 minutes zoomed by... So on task! They beg for it... We start off with a collection of books in a wide range and add as necessary. Students will also be making their own leveled readers as the year continues!


Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Classroom Tour 2013

HOLLA!!!!!! Our rooms are *almost* finished!! Meet the teacher is still a week away and THIS HAS NEVER OCCURRED!! Last year at this time, we were not so patiently waiting for clearance to move into our new school. We had 3 days to prepare for kids and unpack. Kelly and I have NEVER been this far ahead but we are LOVING it. I am so excited to be able to enjoy the next 2 days with my girls and not worry about school!! We *might* like zebra print a lot! Our rooms are almost completely organized we are in the process of preparing informational packets for parent night and meet the teacher. Enjoy the Tour!


Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Oh how I love the 7 Habits... ideas for a habit tree and a freebie!

So like 5 years ago, I participated in a little book club after school. We read and discussed Leader and Me. I gotta tell ya I LOVED IT IMMEDIATELY! Creating leaders one child at a time starting in kindergarten, yes pleaseSIGN ME UP! My school began implementing pieces of the process and this year, we will begin with our beautiful mission statement posted in our main foyer. I *might* be a little excited!! The easiest way to get your feet wet is to read the book and start using the vocabulary with your students. You can slowly build by teaching the habits, setting goals and creating a data notebook. I have had a tree for the last few years, I use data notebooks and teach the vocabulary. My kids set personal and academic goals for themselves. It is AH~Mazing! Today, I spent a few hours in my classroom. NO one was there except me and I won’t lie. I LOVED the alone time and I got A LOT done, including my new and improved Habit Tree. I am sharing this freebie with you there are two versions: Plain or Zebra. J I have a couple of 7 Habit type products in my little shop if you are just getting started. If you have questions please ask. J


Thursday, July 11, 2013

Happy Mid Summer y’all!

We are back from an amazing family vacation with our combined families! It is so fun to spend a week at the beach doing NOTHING!! J I hope you are enjoying the precious moments of summer with people you love!
I am into the swing of preparing and creating for the new school year. While we will be sticking with our zebra theme that we just got in place last year, I know many are decorating with chevron so, so cute!! We have a new teamie in kindergarten!
We are so excited to have Jessica as part of our K team! She is the cutie in the middle! She is using black and white chevron so I created this for herjust wanted to share with all of you as a freebie! Enjoy!!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Praying for Oklahoma!!!

I am asking to please pray with me for Moore, Oklahoma. I have lived in Oklahoma my entire life and I know we will rally around Moore but this devastation requires prayer! Please pray for all who have lost loved ones and homes especially those families of Plaza Tower Elementary and the teachers/staff. I cannot imagine I am so so heartbroken.

~ THANK YOU!!! Kristine ~

Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Gage Project... Service Learning and Sharing Kindness!





I made a video as an introduction to The GAGE Project...
a little over 2 mins long but grab some tissue!

At the beginning of March, Kelly and I presented our vision for a new service learning project to our school. Please read below about the little boy that inspired our project. Together with our students, Our Smart Community collected over 320 stuffed animals (new with tags) for our local children’s hospital. Each animal will be given to a child with a long term or chronic illness in order to “Give Another Great Encouragement”. We never dreamed we would collect so many animals but we are absolutely thrilled to count, sort and tag every single one with a special message, including a handmade card from a student in our classes. Who said learning and caring could not go hand and hand. Our students have had so much ownership in this project and the entire experience has blessed us as well as the Dixon Family (Gage’s Family). Our district has also featured Gage and our project as part of a presentation for BA TV. We are so thrilled with how this has turned out and look forward to delivering the animals to Saint Francis Hospital in Tulsa at the beginning of April.


A family from TEXAS who read about The GAGE Project stopped by our school to deliver animals on their Spring Break! That is what Give Another Great Encouragement is all about!

Cole brought the first donation!

LOOK AT THIS! We will present these tomorrow at our Monday Morning Jamboree!

Here is a little information about Gage:

Before Gage was born, it was known that he would have difficulties with bladder function. At three, he began having issues with his intestines also. Basically, Gage has no movement in his stomach, small intestines, colon or bladder. When no answers were found, he began traveling to Columbus where specialists continue to treat him for all of these issues. Gage has endured 15 surgeries in the last 2 ½ years resulting in a feeding tube, an ileostomy and a Broviacwhich is how he receives all of his nutrition. Recently, he began having cardiac issues, decaying bones and kidney stones. In March, Gage will travel to Columbus to determine a plan to deal with the new issues in addition to the issues already known. A small intestine transplant is most likely in the future but the family hopes to prolong that as long as possible. By looking at Gage you would never know what he goes through daily. He always has a smile and it is in this spirit of Gage that we hope to GIVE ANOTHERGREAT ENCOURAGEMENT!

Who is Gage and Why did we choose to name this service learning project after him?

Mrs. Parrott and Mrs. Weyher taught Gage in Our Smart Community before his first extended trip to Columbus and his numerous surgeries. He is a Highland Park student even though he is unable to attend school right now because of his medical conditions. “The GAGE Project” is named after him because of his amazing spirit of joy in spite of all he goes through medically. We want to give back to Saint Francis because of all of the good work they do for Gage and children like him.