Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Coming Soon... Surf's UP!!!

I am super excited to work on my newest unit Surf’s Up ~ Ocean and Beach literacy-based Thematic Unit.  I have no doubt it will be my biggest unit ever.  As soon as I have a “vision” for the cover, I get inspired and that happened to tonight so I will get busy this weekend! J For years, I have dreamed about sharing my ideas and projects with others and I am finally doing what I have always wanted to do. It is exciting stuff!! I gotta give a shout out to Kelly for believing in me and PUSHING me to get started! She is a GREAT idea giver and huge celebrator of my success!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Spring Break is over... 43 days of school to go until summer!

As you have probably gathered, Kelly and I not only teach together, we do everything in life together as well. J I wouldn't want it any other way. Kelly is the best friend I have ever had. We support each other through life challenges, celebrate victories big and small, worship together at church, spend family time together with our families and of course, we plan, collaborate and inspire each other in school stuff all the time. This Spring Break was super rainy in Oklahoma. We had 1 sunny weekday... which we spent shopping! WOOT! The other days, we spent at school. Yes, we are CRAZY! Our entire school is moving to a brand new, super fabulous building in August. Kelly and I have more stuff than you can imagine... and we have A LOT to move. We spent the 4 days packing and moving into our new storage unit! It was super productive and we made it fun. All of the teachers are super excited to move to the new building... including Kelly and I. New rooms with new furniture but more than any of that... we will FINALLY, for the first time in 16 years, be next to each other and can expand our dreams for Our Smart Community! To say we are excited... doesn't even touch it!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

We received our first Blog Award!

Thank you Sarah @ Co-Kindering for this award! We are so honored! We have gained 5 followers in a day and are very excited! WOO HOO!!! I will be posting more Rainforest examples soon! When we reach 100 followers, we will celebrate with a FREEBIE for all !

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Jungle Fever!


OHMYWORD! Our students are SUPER excited about our new unit and I must admit, so are we! J I LOVE our Rainforest unit and that our classrooms transform into a jungle of fun! This is a unit we do every other year so we have lots of time to look forward to it!

Kelly and I love tropical decor so our rooms start out with palm trees and jungle leaves from the beginning but the added vines bring all kinds of magic to our learning environments! The kids light up instantly when they see our rooms decked out! SO FUN!!! I have a CRAZY (with a capital C) next couple of weeks but I will do my best to keep you posted on what we are doing in kindergarten!

J It is a jungle out there I am so lucky to teach with my best friend everyday!

I “finished” my rainforest unit on Friday night and have already added to it It is my FAVORITE so far!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

USA & Presidents Finale

We finished up our United States unit this week! The students loved learning new vocabulary words about our nation and presidents. We have been amazed at how our students have bloomed in their writing lately!! We are so proud of them.  Here are some student examples of our vocabulary strips!

Here are some journal examples!

(Each morning during Smart Community, we focus on a new vocabulary word and writing about it later in the day.)

Next up We will be swingin’ in the Jungle!! I am planning (hoping) to post my HUGE (over 100 pages) Rainforest Unit this weekend! I just have a few final touches to add! J