Sunday, December 1, 2013

Thankful and Blessed!

We enjoyed our Thanksgiving Break so much!!  We did actually work at school this afternoon after church but the rest of break was spent with family or preparing for Christmas (that would be Black Friday all night shopping). In November, we began our World Tour. We spent time in Mexico, Sweden, England and France. (Not REALLY in the countries but learning about each one for several days.) We had a fabulous English Tea... See pics below! In December, we will continue our traveling adventures in Italy, Australia and Germany. The week before break is spent on elf projects and Polar Express! 

As you know, if you have read about us, we are very close friends and much more than just teaching partners. In all honesty, Kelly and I are really more like sisters than friends. Our kids are like cousins and we choose to spend time together as often as possible. Kelly makes me a better person... not just a better teacher. 😊 Okay, okay... I will stop with the sap. We spent our third Thanksgiving in a row together this year with our families. It is pretty awesome to teach with your best friend but it is even greater to share holidays together. We are thankful and blessed!