Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Read to Self... In progress!

We began our quest toward Read to Self this week. Every teacher seems to have a different starting point in the introduction of literacy centers. In Our Smart Community, we start with word work (2 weeks of 5 rotations), then writing and theme, then we work on Read to Self. We introduced last week, watched a video of a first grade class in action and worked on our T chart with expectations. To say our classes were excited hardly describes it. They couldn't wait. So far... We have built 5 minutes of stamina and we will add more tomorrow! They did an awesome job! 

We have been modeling how to track print since day one. It is so exciting to see our little ones practicing! 

5 minutes zoomed by... So on task! They beg for it... We start off with a collection of books in a wide range and add as necessary. Students will also be making their own leveled readers as the year continues!



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