Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Paris is MAGICAL!

We have conquered our initial fears about Paris and ventured out today! We LOVE the Big Bus Tours! It allows us the opportunity to see all the major sights of a city in a few hours so we can decide where we want to spend more time plus you can hop on and off all day. Thursday and Friday are exploration days so we will spend more time at the major sights. Here is what we saw today!

Big Bus Tour
(FUN FACT! I now have a circle tan line from my necklace... awesome)

The Louvre... it is closed on Tuesday though.

There are BEAUTIFUL buildings everywhere!

Notre Dome

Tomorrow may be one of the great experiences of my life! Kelly and I travel by train to Cologne, Germany to meet Annette Langen. It is an 8 hour round trip and worth every moment, every penny of our budget! I CANNOT wait to spend the day with her!!!!!


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