Sunday, July 10, 2011

Heavy day... but one I wouldn't trade.

We have arrived in Germany! What a BEAUTIFUL country it is! It is clean, feels very safe and there are so many kind people here. Yesterday was a travel day. They are exhausting so we don't plan much on those days. We did spend some time in "Old Town" and ate traditional German food, well... I did. Kelly had penne pasta with tomato sauce! :)

Today, we did something I have always wanted to do. We took an in-depth tour of the memorial site at Dachau Concentration Camp. It was so heavy, deep, horrifying, sad, overwhelming, disturbing and a day of learning. I am so glad I went. If we choose to forget or pretend this part of history did not exist then we disregard the memory of so many people who died in these camps. We have to remember so we ensure this type of terror NEVER happens again. Our tour guide was simply amazing. I HIGHLY recommend going with a tour if you ever have the opportunity because they have more information than you could imagine. They present the information in a direct and informative way. I did take many pictures but I will not post them here. I do not feel it is appropriate but if you want to see them, I would be glad to show you personally and talk to you about our experience. I was so moved today and deeply disturbed at the disregard for human life. It was a day I will never forget. It made me see so many things through a different lens. You might think you couldn't handle it or would never want to go but think for a minute of the people who survived this horror and those who did not. Think of all they endured as humans, shouldn't we learn about this time and the people who suffered so we will not allow this to happen in the future? My worse day doesn't even compare to one minute experienced by the victims at Dachau or any camp. That is all I've got for now... a lighter blog will soon be on the way!


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