Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Our last moments in Germany...

Just to give you perspective, it is right now, 11:00PM in Tulsa. It is 6:00am in Munich and we are up preparing for our longest travel day in history! We will arrive home tonight at about 7pm Tulsa time. It will be a long 20 hours but so worth it! I have so many more blogs to write about this trip. Our last few days have been filled with incredible adventures to a Kinderhaus and Primary School in Munich, an 11 hour journey across Germany to see 2 beautiful castles and a day trip to Salzburg yesterday.

I can say, without question, that we have met some of the most amazing people on this adventure which adds character and joy to all of our memories. I have huge plans for all we have learned... lots of new and engaging curriculum for students and a new sense of where we live as compared to where we have visited. Our experiences across Europe will not be forgotten and I will have several more blogs about specifics like our visit to the school, etc.

Just to hold to you over... here are a few of the things we captured over the last 3 days.

Some things are the same, even across the world. :)

Germany is beautiful!!!!! :)

See you ALL soon!!!!!!!


nicki boone said...

Beautiful pictures! So glad that you shared with us!

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