Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Tube AKA Underground AKA Subway

I am all about adventure, experiencing culture to the fullest... including the food and different forms of transportation. My biggest fear about traveling overseas was finding my way. I never dreamed it would take up 4 hours to commute from the airport to the hotel. Lines for customs were long, lines for "Tube" tickets were long and the maze underground is unreal.  When we boarded the tube, it was fairly empty and I was not even a little prepared for the cluster of people to come. SARDINE in a can is exactly how I felt!  It was SO tight that we could not get up to exit at our stop so we had to continue to another route. I clearly did not listen carefully enough to my genuius sister in law who told me to PACK LIGHT. How heavy can just a backpack and a carry on be? I am certain the muscles that I am building carrying my luggage up and down HUNDREDS of flights of stairs each day will result in POPEYE arms! Marla... I can't imagine carrying a regular suitcase around but I should have left my carry on HALF empty! WOWZER!

I have a rather large personal space bubble. I don't like people too close so the tube is not my favorite mode of transportation. The stress of reading the maze on the map was enough to send me over the edge! Kelly captured my stress well!

The good news is we made it to our hotel safely. I will write about our first hotel in my next entry.


suzarinaok said...

I remember that look very well!!! :) LOL. By the end of your trip you will HAVE IT DOWN!!!

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