Thursday, June 16, 2011

Hum... how will I ever fit everything in?

The packing process (and purchasing process to pack) is quite overwhelming and when you throw in that you are only taking a backpack and a carry-on...well, it is a whole new mindset. 

That being said, the packing is the easiest part by far. Trying to mentally prepare to be away from my family for 17 days is really hard. I am so grateful for this amazing opportunity but I will miss my family immensely while I am away. Trying to prepare to be part of 3 different cultures is also mind-blowing. All the study and research doesn't prepare one for the adventures ahead.

All the plans are made, reservations and tours booked...planes, trains, metros, buses and chunnels are planned and some scheduled. We are beside ourselves with excitement and the anticipation of learning so many things. We are so blessed to experience what most people only dream about.

Meanwhile, for the next 12 days, I make lists and check items off. I think, process, research and pray. I know we are about to experience more than I can dream of!

Let the packing begin!


Perrin Worrell said...

Kristine and Kelly -
Stay strong. I know that you will gain so many new experiences on your fellowship as well as learn so many new things to infuse your teaching and curriculum. - Perrin

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