Thursday, June 30, 2011

Martha Washington and Helga were here!

We arrived at Royal Park Hotel in London on Wednesday. It is a beautiful place! It is a historic-type hotel. It has been updated with an old english feel.  The bathroom room was amazing. We had a suite... special deal for that night only. We had a seating area with a "couch", table with chairs and a flat screen. Let me tell you about the couch.... it was NOT an updated piece. I am quite sure that some viking named Helga used to own this fabulous piece of furniture. It was something. 

Hum... so you are probably wondering where Martha Washington comes in.  Well, we got to sleep in Martha Washington's 4 poster bed.  We are sure it was Martha's because it was built before mattresses were invented...I promise you, we sleptt on 2X4s covered with cloth. I have never been so stiff in all of my days as I was this morning when I arose from my slumber. It was all in the name of culture! :)

The key to our room was super cool! :) No slider cards at this hotel. It was a nice beginning to our trip and made us feel immersed in the english culture!

We were a "stone's throw" from Hyde Park and we walked over there while our room was being prepared. It is a beautiful place!


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