Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Persuasive Writing in Kindergarten!

So Kelly and I were selected as Oklahoma state presenters for Common Core. We are super stoked about this amazing adventure but we still have so much to learn! J We will be attending a training event in March to meet and plan with our cadre group. Our area is “Creating Engaged Classrooms”. We are excited to share with others about our unique collaborative approach to teaching! I don’t know about you but for us, the extensive writing involved with CCSS is kinda overwhelming.

We write all day in our classesfiction and non-fiction.  We have been impressed with our students' work including conventions and decided they were ready for a challenge. Today, I taught an introductory lesson on persuasive writing during SMART Community. We asked the students to write an opinion statement and support it with two factual sentences. I gotta say they did pretty well for their first experience! J Check out a few examples from our classes!


Roll Tide said...

They did a great job writing. I am so proud of the conventions used in their writing. Our students are also doing a fabulous job writing at least two sentences. Students will rise to the challenge they are given!

Connie Jensen said...

Thank you for this post. I keep making the Common Core too difficult and this helped me simplify my expectations (for me and my students). Today they chose to write on being a president or a cowboy/girl and why. I live in Tucson and this is Rodeo Days for us. Our next paper will require 2 supporting facts/reasons.

Randi said...

Congrats on the Common Core! I will be coming back to learn more for sure! Our state adopts it next year. I am on the committee for our school. I would love if you have some time, for you to visit my blog! I'm your newest follower!

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Co-Kindering said...

Really exciting work that you are doing with the Common Core! We too here in NY are moving right along with it. I mentioned in my last comment, that I am really excited about finding your blog! You both are such an inspiration. I would like to pass on a Blog Award to you. You can find it on my blog!

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