Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Penguin Facts & Research!

We have been working on our research penguin projects and “penguin Fact” books this week during our literacy center rotation called FAB FUN.  The students in Our SMART Community beg to go to the theme center but especially this week! They were so excited to complete this research project! J

This is Jaden’s Penguin Facts Book! She did an awesome job!!

Here are some research projects! Each student chooses their own type of penguin to make and research. I am so proud of them! They are doing a GREAT job!

Rockhopper penguins live on the Antarctic Penisula . Rockhopper penguins have red eyes. Rockhoppers are grumpy.

Adélie Penguins lay on their eggs. They are cute. Adélie Penguins are good swimmers.


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