Saturday, April 30, 2011


We have begun our "OCEAN UNIT"! It is one of my very favorite things to teach.
Here is just the beginning...

For each unit, I have games and activities of different levels. These are some "math" activities I have available for my kiddos!

During SMART Community each morning, a new thematic vocabulary word is introduced. It is a perfect opportunity to integrate subjects while focusing on literacy. I have taught "Vocabulary Word of the Day" for several years. It has allowed each of my students to build unique and well-defined vocabulary. It is amazing! Here is our strip for this week... we spent Friday at the zoo so we only had 4 words this week! At first, some early childhood teachers are surprised at our vocabulary words. I strongly believe in challenging my students and providing activities that are multi-level so that every student is successful. The depth of knowledge is incredible and their love for learning is off the charts. :)

Caitlin's FAVORITE activitiy each week is our "Vocabulary Strip". Can't you tell? :)


Roll Tide said...

I love the vocabulary strip Caitlin did. Great illustrations!!!!!!

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