Saturday, April 23, 2011

How we "grew" into Our SMART Community

Once upon a time, there were two teachers who became close friends after running several 5Ks and an 1/2 marathon together. They grew and grew in their friendship and then rose to a new level of friendship. It was their deep commitment to their faith that "grew" their friendship into sisterhood. Kelly is one of those rare friends who always chooses to be forth-coming, honest and communicates without reservation regardless of the topic. She encourages me to grow in areas that others would never see as "points of talents and interests" in me. She makes me a better teacher because she challenges me daily to push myself to learn more and teach more dynamically. Over the last 6 years (but more intensely the last 3), my teaching has changed so much. I have changed, added, redesigned, created and molded myself into a collaborative co-teacher who never stops thinking of how WE, together, can do it better for kids. Teaching is our passion and when you combine that with friendship, creativity and constant have Our SMART Community! We are so excited to see what we will develop and implement next. It is our thirst for greatness that always keeps us moving!


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