Tuesday, May 3, 2011

More Ocean Fun!

We are having so much fun learning this week! Here are some more pics of my room and some of our activities! I am working on a free downloadable reading game... coming soon!

Our Ocean Word Wall

This is our "writing center" word wall... Students will use it to create stories and books about the beach! It is NEW today!

This is Aubrie's Math Story Page from today...

This is Addison's... I love the personalized touches of my student's illustrations!

Today our vocabulary word was "whale". We made a bubble map to go with our whale and then wrote about whales in our ocean journals.

"Whales swim in groups called pods."

 My students have bloomed so much in their writing lately! I love seeing those periods, finger-spaces and uppercase letters at the beginning of sentences! WOO HOO!

More Ocean Fun coming soon!


Brock said...

I learned that if I see an Orca, I shouldn't swim with them, because they could hurt me. I love hearing what our kids learn!

Density, buoyancy, chrysalis, Orcas....what's next?

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