Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Hurray for more ocean fun!

My students look forward to focused learning with one thematic vocabulary word each day. They feel like experts on ocean creatures as we learn so much everyday. We have been hard at work on our bubble maps!

 We write in our Ocean Journals everyday. Here are some examples about lobsters and octopuses.

"They have 3 hearts. They have 8 tentacles." I encouarge advanced word choice in writing...like tentacles instead of "arms". :)

"Lobsters eat snails." Can you tell we have been working on "sneaky e" words?

This is a math extension. Students write their own story problem, illustrate it and write the matching equation.

Avery's octopus! She loved making this!

I finally finished making a SHORT VOWEL reading game for small groups or centers!

You can download it for FREE... just click on the shell below!


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