Saturday, January 14, 2012

I experienced Antarctica and I didn't even have to leave school!

What a week! WOWZERS! Full moon and no heat in my classroom for 3 days I am all about life experience when learning but hanging out in Antarctica is not my idea of fun! J

Despite these trialslots of learning and fun transpired! We have  hung out with Mrs. Parrott’s class for many hours the last 3 days. I am thankful for our community of learners that just went with it! We learned tons about Penguins and made a bubble map to help us remember important facts. We learned 5 new vocabulary words this week, learned about the 3 main states of matter, learned CK digraph and how to spell with it AND how to write a rebus story. WE WERE BUSY!

I worked for about 5 hours today on my Winter, Penguin and Antarctica Unit. I wish I knew how some of these teacher gals whip out and post a unit so fast. Practice makes perfectright? J

I am stoked to have Monday off and I have big plans to have a shopping day with Kelly! My girls are spending the day with my mom at her request! I might be a little excited! Have a good weekend and an excellent Monday!!


Louanne said...

Can't wait to check out your new unit- love Vocabulary Words of the Week idea! Love your blog - come and visit mine! :)
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