Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Winter, Penguins and Antarctica... HERE WE COME!

We LOVED our Winter Break SO MUCH! We spent quality time with family and friendsno travel this year for either of us meant more time to rest and renew! 

We literally integrate literacy into EVERYTHING we do in Our Smart Community. We are both very passionate about writing in kindergarten. This year, we have begun working with rubrics. We use a behavior rubric and we have been using project rubrics for several months with GREAT results. The visual examples of each level are key to the success. I have uploaded my rubrics to share with you here:

 I also created a fun little listening center extension for winteralso a freebie! Enjoy! 

Kelly and I worked about 10 hours AT SCHOOL (not including all of our behind the scenes work) over break. Our rooms were ready to welcome our students into Antarctica on Monday! We both enjoy this unit SO MUCH and our new word walls will enhance our students' literacy learning! 

Be Blessed this year!!


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