Saturday, December 29, 2012

Rollin' Out December...

Hi Y’all! J I hope Winter Break is treating you well! I have been working on school goodies the last 2 days I think it is time for a break from creating. Here is a little recap of our month in Our Smart Community. It was BUSY and super fun!

We began our world travels in NOVEMBER. We visit 7 countries and it is really more of a history, cultural and geography unit than Christmas Around the World kind of thing.  We used to do that but after traveling to 4 of the countries together, we had a lot more to share. J Someday, I shall put it all together into a unit it is so busy that I just haven’t found the time yet. Perhaps that will be a summer project.

We teach the 7 Habitswe introduce one habit each month in kindergarten. As an integrated Art/WRITING project, we made Santa and wrote about how we had been using one of the first three habits in our lives. It was super cute to see the ideas! We loved it and our students did as well.
We had SO MUCH fun on our Polar Express Day. We wore our jammies, made hot chocolate and s’mores for treats. We had a blast!

Did you have an elf visit your classroom? SO FUN! Winter came to visit in Mrs. Parrott’s room and Rocket was in mine. The students love finding them each morning. The Students made their own elves the last week before break DEFINITELY  THE FAVORITE project of the month! J
We hope your December was magical, fun and full of learning! J We have been working on writing A LOT and using rubrics in kindergarten to assess our work. I will share a little bit about that next time and add a freebie!
Be Blessed! J


Kristy Pruett said...

We love your blog. We are your newest followers. Your ideas are sooo good! That is why we are nominating you for the Liebster Award. Hop on over and check out the directions and visit.

Thanks, Teachingtimes2

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