Saturday, November 3, 2012

Classroom Tour

As we enter the second nine weeks, it is time to FINALLY post some pics of our new rooms! I keep thinking that everything I envision will get accomplished but I am learning that our rooms will continue to be a work in progress the entire year because of the HOURS we had to organize and prepare for this school year. My dream has been to create completely customized classrooms with most, if not all, components and designs to be created by me. J There is a lot to create for an entire classroom! Our theme is pink, lime and zebra with some dots and designer fabric thrown in to pull it all together. There is so much still to do but here are a few pics of our beginning!
Move In Day 2 days before reporting for meetings!! Can you spell STRESS!?

Blank Slate J

We are finally side by side 17 years was a long time coming!

We are a Leader In Me School! I am SO proud to be part of the founding team of teachers to begin this!! My Leader Board is available in my TPT store!
I saw a similar idea on Pinterest and put my own zebra-kind of spin on it! J It is my “How We Go Home” organizer!

Our students have daily take home folders which go here soon they will have homework/reading folders too!
Matching Alphabet Line/Word Wall Pics on alphabet cards coordinate with Saxon Picture Clues. J
Book Boxes Read to Self and Buddy Reading Tools

Matching Color Words Tool Chart

My spin on Touch Math just had to go with matching tools! J

All About Me Board! J It now hangs next to my Leader Board above my desk! I will try to snap a pic of that soon!

What do you do when you have extra fabric/wood after making crate seating YOU USE IT! J
I couldn’t resist labeling the chairs!! I was over the moon when I saw that little cut out part at the top and the creative juices started right there! OH MY WORD! They turned out so cute!

Our crates where it all began this summer! J
Word Wall Words of the Week They double as table names! I use my word wall pack (in my store @ tpt) and make 3 copies of each word (1 for the wall and 2 in order to double side the table sign). More about how we teach word wall words with great success later. J

So there is our running start to our coordinated classrooms. These are all pics of my room (Kristine’s room) BUT Kelly’s room looks just like it! J Designing and creating coordinating spaces takes a while!


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