Sunday, September 23, 2012

Our Smart Community is off to a great start!!

We are off and running with our farm unit! J I have the greatest intentions of creating a comprehensive unit to place on TPT but so far, I have not found the time to do it hoping to catch up with thematic inspirations soon!! We started our vocabulary word of the day 2 weeks ago! Our students have already begun the process of understanding and applying their new found knowledge during discussions and through projects. We are having so much fun learning new words at Our Smart Community morning meeting! This week, we will begin a new addition to Our Smart Community an afternoon math meeting which will include a math lesson and calendar activities. We meet in Mrs. Parrott’s room in the morning and we will meet in Mrs. Weyher’s room in the afternoon. We are looking forward to this new collaborative portion of our day! Kelly and I are still working on our rooms and we wonder if we will ever get them truly finished.  We are finishing up our Leader Board this week and I will post classroom photos ASAP. Have a great week!
Our First Vocabulary Strip!