Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Classroom Storage Crate Seating!

So… Are you addicted to Pinterest?! If so, I am SURE you have already seen the fabulous and very functional crates for classrooms!

When I saw the first post, I knew I had to make some… but I wanted to add my own touch to them. If you have followed my posts at all in the last 4 months, you know I am moving to a brand new building. I am absolutely determined to have a beautiful and well decorated classroom! J My room will be black, bright pink, lime green, a little zebra thrown in for good measure. It all started with the fabric for the crates!
So, you wanta make ‘em too? Here is what you need to get started… (We made 12 so keep that in mind) We purchased 6 yards of fabric… had probably a yard and a half leftover. We chose “duck cloth” for the fabric because it was heavy like canvas and we thought it would hold up well. We bought 12 black crates at Target. We bought one sheet of wood @ Home Depot where they cut it FOR FREE and even rounded the corners for a perfect fit!

 We purchased foam from Hobby Lobby, along with ribbon.
We made a pull on each crate for easy removal of the seat.
We used a professional grade staple gun and it took some elbow grease to get those babies into the wood. I have already had some questions about the matching labels. J They are my favorite part!! I photographed the fabric and inserted the pictures into shapes in Powerpoint to create matching labels. Pretty cool, huh? I must admit… I am in love with our crates! We can’t wait to use them in our classrooms!



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