Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Saying Good-bye to Park Lane Elemntary

It would appear that I have been on vacation for a month but no actually I have been SWAMPED with school and life stuff! Kelly and I have been packing and moving things to storage since Spring Break. Our entire building is relocating to a new school
(How exciting is that!?!) Between field trips and kindergarten programs, the end of school and regular life it has been crazy! I am sure you feel the same way!  Today, we will both sign on the dotted line and check out of the school forever that we have taught in for 7/8 years. It was amazing to stand in my classroom last night so empty and reflect on the children who brought so much laughter and brightness to room 100 at Park Lane Elementary. Kelly and I have never taught next door to each other. In fact, we have been at opposite ends of the building for most of our time at Park Lane.

In August, we will move into our new classrooms at Highland Park Elementary side by side.  There are so many things we will be able to do with Our Smart Community and we are so excited!!  This summer, we will be working on some organizational projects and lots of fun decorating ideas we look forward to sharing our completed classrooms with you.
(I fear we will have about 14 hours to move in before the children come Please Lord, let me be wrong!!)
We had the opportunity to tour our new school at the beginning of May and OF COURSE we snapped some pictures of our new classrooms! Umyes, they are quite a bit smaller. L
The Front of the Building

Interior Design

Main Entrance

End of the hallway outside of our rooms
The door in the center leads to the playground. 
All kindergarten classrooms will be together in a pod for the first time ever!
This is my new classroom! Kelly’s is the opposite of mine.

We are SUPER excited to be next door to each other
it only took 17 years!
       We would love to hear what you are up to this summer! J Stop by often and embrace the journey of summer fun!


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