Monday, November 21, 2011

I am so proud to announce that Kelly Parrott is now a Nationally Board Certified Teacher! I don’t think I have ever been prouder of anyone in my life. What a journey it was! J I loved supporting her through the process and having one of the most independent people I know rely on me for encouragement and guidance. I loved seeing the realness of the process by watching Kelly evolve as a teacher. She was already so great and how neat it was to watch a master teacher grow even more. WOW! It was amazing.
The “National Board Process” is so different for each person. Regardless of who you are, it is stressful, demanding and time-consuming. If you truly invest in the process, you will grow beyond your wildest dreams. I will never go back to the PERSON I was before National Board. I say person because it didn’t just change my teaching, it changed me. I am now deeply reflective and constantly analyze my life to make improvements in all areas. It is true, I still fall short in so many areas but I am a constant work in progress. Kelly has grown so much in the areas of reflection and writing. It is awesome to look back at where she was a year ago and then look at her today. She has become refined in so many ways. There were many sacrifices along the way but I would make them all again to witness her success. Through her experience, I grew even more. I am so grateful for that opportunity. Our friendship has changed since National Board... and I can honestly say that I never saw that coming. Today, I can tell you that we are more like family than ever before because of the road we have traveled together. National Board Certification is not for the weak or easily overwhelmed. It is for the committed and the determined. It is for teachers who KNOW they have room to grow and change for the better... who want to further develop as educators and people.
Congratulations Kelly... Welcome to the NBCT family! You are an AMAZING teacher! I am so proud of you!! J


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