Friday, September 30, 2011

SMART Parent Night was AWESOME!

Here is just a tidbit of what we shared with parents about our collaboration...

The benefits of a collaborative teaching team:

Collaboration in teaching is an up and coming practice that encourages teachers to work together to provide students extra support as they learn. It is the idea that “two is better than one”. Many educators “plan” together which typically means they teach the same themes or curriculum around the same time. Mrs. Weyher and Mrs. Parrott have done that for years but in all honesty, that is surface collaboration. How does that help a teacher to change and grow or evaluate his/her practice? True collaboration is working together for a common goal. Deep collaboration is a step beyond that, where teachers challenge each other to improve how they teach through a combined effort. J

How do students benefit?

~ They have two teachers who work together to support students in both classes.

~ They become flexible learners because they are taught by more than one person, sometimes using different methods or approaches.

~ They establish and build friendships that support them now and in the future.

~ They learn how to work in collaborative groups to complete projects throughout the year.

~ They have two teachers who love them and if one of us is absent, they know their “other” teacher is just down the hall.

~ They become comfortable speaking in front of a large group (40+) of students which boosts their self-confidence in all areas!

~ They will be placed in a small “flexible” groups according to their specific reading skill level where they will receive direct instruction. *Flexible meaning as the skill level changes, they will move to another group. J

When you collaborate with another teacher who you trust and respect beyond words, the result is student success beyond your wildest dreams... and teaching growth that surpasses all expectations! We are blessed to do life together as teachers and friends!


Gayla said...

Now THIS is another first for me! A teaching blog? Talk about PASSION! I just adore you guys! What lucky, lucky students. You two are making a difference in this world!!!

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